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Camilla Iverson, LMT, CMT

Camilla Iverson became a Licensed Massage Therapist in Hawaii the year of 2003.  Hawaiian Island School of Massage was rated the 4th in the nation and specialized in treatment and medical massage.  After receiving her license, Camilla travelled to Thailand to study first-hand with the people of Thailand. This proved to be the foundation to Camilla's unique level of skills and expertise in both Eastern and Western medicine massage modalities.  She soon became certified in Thailand as a Thai Massage Instructor and began her teaching career in Asia and the USA.  Now able to complete the full circle of teaching Thai the Western ways, and the USA the Eastern healing ways.  

Camilla has a broad variety of natural healing gifts that she is able to use in each session.   This along with her training from the Berkely Institute for Psychics gives the receiver more than "just a massage".

Camilla is truly here to be of service to those in need to improve the quality of their life.  

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